You Just Need A Holiday

This is one of the most common pieces of advice Greg and I have had to suffer – I know it doesn’t sound like suffering to be told to take a holiday but trite advice although well-meant can trivialize what is a really stressful experience.

Having said that after four blissful days of sun shine, tram rides, seafood lunches eaten languidly and washed down with champagne –  a holiday really does seem like a bloody good idea.  However! There is one little piece of advice that is not usually tacked onto the just take a holiday prescription – and that is just take a holiday without any pressure. I know easier said than done – but quite by accident that is exactly what happened on our sojourn to Melbourne.

Although I hadn’t planned it this way, I had my period during our four-day adventure.  I thought this was going to be a bit of dampener but it turned out to actually be the best thing ever.  You see our holidays usually have an agenda.  A month in Bali doing Yoga and cleansing was really ‘a if we detox and relax then surely we will get pregnant holiday’.  Our trip to Europe fell right on the two-week wait so every glass of wine and coffee had an anxious backdrop of ‘oh I might be pregnant’.

This holiday had none of the anxious back story, there was no possibility of getting pregnant and no possibility of being pregnant and without any end goals in mind we were free to just enjoy ourselves completely.  And boy did we.   We slept in the grass at a charming community garden listening to eager 3 year olds banging away on mini African drums at a party.  We rode the roller coaster at Luna park, throwing our hands up and screaming as it flew downwards.  We cracked, sucked and slurped our way through a plate of chilli crab as our bare feet were cooled on the pebbly floor of our favourite restaurant Claypots.

The holiday also turned what is usually a sad time for us into a chance to have some fun and just relax.  Although I didn’t plan the timing of this holiday with my cycle in mind I think this might be a mental break I plan every few months.

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