Affirmations Check In

Although I have not been as faithful to my affirmations promise as I would have liked, I have found a way to get a heady dose of them everyday.  Here are my top 5 tips riding the affirmations train;

1. Keep them short and snappy

I was waxing lyrical and getting all essay on them and I just couldn’t remember the bloody things or get my head around them.  The way I figure it negative affirmation are short punchy little suckers. I’m fat, I’ll never get pregnant, I suck.  So trying to dance around these lean mean machines with long-winded prose just wasn’t cutting it.  So when a negative emotion or thought arises I just flood my mind with a repetitive short and snappy positive retort.  I am fabulous. I am successful. I am beautiful. Go me!

2. Smile while your saying them

The power of positive affirmations is in the emotion that they generate, any thing you say while hunched over with your head in your hands and a big frown on your face is not going to have much of an impact.  So smile. When I first tried this it felt really demented and fake, but then just laughing at myself brought the smile out naturally.  Research has shown that the simple act of lifting ourselves up, straightening our back, rolling our shoulders back and smiling can lift our mood.

3. Suggestion Is Powerful

Notice how when you go to the gym or have a really healthy day of eating you feel slimmer and more toned? Nothing has changed that day except that you are thinking more kindly about yourself.   Our thoughts can completely distort reality and since most of them are negative they create a negative perception of the world and of ourselves.  Instead of making those negative suggestions – make powerfully positive ones.  So when I to go to say I find it so hard to eat right, exercise, meditate or whatever I turn it around and become my very own groupie.

4. Never Criticise Yourself

This is Louise L Hays all healing balm. Love yourself and to do this effectively do not criticise yourself.  This sounds crazy – how will I ever get better, control my massive ego, stop myself from looking stupid.  The trick that I learned possibly from Ms Hay is to get a picture of yourself as a child looking your very cutest.  I have a  beautiful photo of myself on a blue Vespa looking so bright and freshly baked I look good enough to eat.  Now commit this image to memory keep it somewhere you can refer to it.  When you hear yourself saying something mean or critical to yourself imagine saying this to your 5-year-old or 6-year-old self.  Would you be so mean to that little girl or would you find a different way to express what you were feeling.  After all we are just grown up versions of that little person.

5. Compassion

Exercise an attitude of compassion.  I always think of the famous story of the man on a train with his two young children running wild and generally driving all the other passengers crazy.  After a while a women comes up to the man and tells him in a scolding voice that he should be controlling his children.  He apologizes distractedly telling the women that they are probably upset because their mother has just died.  We are all going through life caught in our own pain and problems and that sometimes makes us act in stupid, cruel and usual ways.  But extending my compassion out to the world I hope that I can be a little more compassionate with my self.

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2 Responses to Affirmations Check In

  1. MrsDonjuan says:

    I love your blog, you know its amazing to me how people can put their feelings into words, I look up to you for having a blog its sooo hard for me!
    I am new to affirmations too and have been trying to them everyday!
    I feel Im getting there
    This process its hard on everyone, but Im sure with positive thinking we will get there much more easier

    • tdemello says:

      Hi MrsDonjuan
      Thank you for the positive comment it was so lovely to read and a very positive affirmation that I am going in the right direction. When you find some of your favourite affirmations send them to me and I will post them credited to you.

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