I have recently discovered an organisation called Resolve they are non-profit organisation that provides information and support to men and women suffering from infertility.  As well providing lots of information about infertility and treatments they also feature information on living child free.

In America Resolve has many support groups that you can join to meet people who are also going through infertility and for those who can not join a group they have an extensive online forum where you can join a discussion or start a discussion on just about any topic. Their forum has kind of a Facebook set up where you can set up a profile and make friends – however unlike Facebook people are talking about their real feelings and lives rather than just posting random status updates.

I have never  joined any sort of online discussions or chat groups – mainly because I thought I could handle this all on my own.  But I am coming to realise that one of the reasons that I spiralled down such a dark hole during this time is because I wasn’t able to talk to other women who were going through the same thing.  I only had one other friend who was suffering from infertility and she is pregnant now.  Although I am so thrilled for her I think it was when I lost the comfort of having someone in the same boat as me that things started to really go down hill.

Feeling happy is about being connected, when you experience the loss of infertility it can make you feel disconnected from the whole world around you.  At times I felt like no one could understand or relate to what I was going through.  I was living two lives my normal life where I didn’t discuss my infertility with anyone and my other life where it is the centre of my world.  Discovering a website like Resolve has made me feel like I have a place where I can truly connect and relate to people again as a whole person.

Check out Resolve at




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