Overcoming Infertility Depression: Part 2 Yoga

Although I have a long way to go with affirmations I think I have finally found and effective way to integrate their power into my life. I would love to be consistent enough to use them all the time but using them like a power packed pain-killer when I am feeling negative thoughts or emotions come up is working well so far.

The next part of my plan is to explore Yoga and how I can use it to deal with depression and roller coaster ride of emotions that is infertility.  I have practised Yoga on an off for many years but I find the stillness of it unnerving and prefer to run or do something more active where I can have music blasting and can avoid truly connecting with my body.  I always found Yoga really hard because I was so stiff and it was painful stretching it all out.  Interestingly my research into depression has made me realise why. Depression not only makes your life contract but your also your body.

Basically the body is designed to respond to alarming signals from our brains whether it be stepping out of the course of a moving vehicle or the sound of our bosses voice when they are angry.   The body takes in the source of whatever is the issue and finds a way to deal with it either by freezing, running or fighting.  The issue is that the brain and thus the body can not tell the difference between something that is happening right now – such your boss yelling at you or the thoughts about the event.  Usually when something upsets me the event itself makes me freeze, run or fight and then I carry the event around in my head going over every word and detail thus keeping my body in a constant state of contraction – ready to fight, run or freeze.  This makes for very tight muscles.

Like everything I do, whenever I decide to take up Yoga I go for it, either trying to attend a full hour class every week or buying a DVD that I just can not keep up with.  Biting of more than I can chew is a terrible habit of mine and inevitably leads to deciding that it’s all too hard. So this time I am taking a different approach I am aiming to do just 10-20 minutes a day of a simple Sun Salutations routine that I have found and repeating it 10 times slowly and mind-fully. Once I have this mastered then I can try a little more. I am also going to start each session with an affirmation.

There is an incredible amount of resources for Yoga on the web so here are my best recommendations;

LifeForce Yoga – Information on Yoga and Depression

Integral Yoga Institute – Information on the spiritual dimension of yoga

Sun Salutation – An easy guide to the sun salutation series

Yoga4Fertility – Interesting site with information on the connection between Yoga and Infertility

Yoga Journal – Is a wealth of information on all things Yoga.  This link takes you to an interesting article on Yoga and Fertility

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