Yoga Check In

So my first try at the Sun salutations was a disaster  – my body felt like lead, I was out of breath and I felt a bit disconnected from the whole thing.  I can’t believe I find running easier than Yoga! But I got back on the horse –  this time using a few guided videos and I feel great!  I have ordered the video from Brenda Strong’s site Yoga4fertility and will be doing a full review as soon I get it.

So here are my favourites from YouTube – I hope they help you!

1. This clip is an introduction to Yoga and the benefits to fertility. There are no poses but it was really interesting;

2. This is a short video with four poses – watch it a couple of times through and then do the sequence on your own as the presenter and yoga instructor are chatting in between poses.  The last pose is divine – it really is like a half hour sleep;

3. These are 3 short videos with some easy relaxing poses which focus on deepening your breath – the pace is fantastic it is really easy to just follow along with them;

I will keep an eye out for the next in the series and let you know when she posts it.

Note: This blog is totally not for profit. I don’t get kick backs from any sites, books, DVD’s or anything I recommend.

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