Free Friday – Christmas Lights

Photo courtesy of Thomas Quine

Photo courtesy of Robert McCabe

Photo courtesy of Eric Lynch

Photo courtesy of ume-y

Photo courtesy of Steven Shingler

Corny I know but I love a Christmas light!

I hope you all have a happy Christmas and may the new year bring forward fertility, birth and babies.

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3 Responses to Free Friday – Christmas Lights

  1. Eva says:

    These photos are great! Thank you for sharing!

    • tdemello says:

      Hi Eva I am so glad you like them – I am constantly amazed by the beautiful photo’s I find on flickr there are so many talented photographers out there. Cheers t

      • Eva says:

        Thanks so much for replying! I recently moved to Switzerland and am loving how they decorate their cities with lights for Christmas. Will have to put some photos up on my blog soon! And so true about all the flickr finds. I could probably spend days on there just looking at all of the beautiful photos.

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