Is Everyone Having A Baby?

Photo courtesy of oceandesetoiles

After expecting a very quite Christmas with my husband’s family the day turned into a parade of one baby after another and one pregnant women after another.  After four of my friends recently giving birth and now this new round of babies from neighbours and cousins it sometimes feels like everyone out there is having a baby except me.

It’s tempting to go into a slump and to start feeling sorry for myself – the emotions in my stomach are churning (along with ham and Christmas pudding!) and the sadness in my throat is aching to get out.  But I am letting the emotions sit, I am not banishing them away and I am not creating new and complex thoughts and solutions to the sensations.  I am accepting.

I heard this wonderful quote from Eckhardt Tolle yesterday during one of his New Earth podcasts;

“Within all suffering there is divinity – but to experience that divinity you need to surrender and surrendering means accepting the now exactly as it is.  In the surrender you will experience the divine and the suffering will become your salvation.”

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