2011 Happiness Program – Step 1 – Going Real Life

Photo courtesy of Murdo McDermid

For January its time to turn off, tune out and drop in….yes ladies and gentlemen – this self-confessed TV addict is turning of the box for a month…no television, no DVD’s, no escaping into the drama of highly paid call girls and teenage vampires….woe.  I plan to use this time for much more pleasurable activities like sleeping, reading, yoga and getting out and just experiencing the world.

– The average person spends 3 hours and 46 minutes tuned into the box a day

– That’s 26 hours and 36 minutes a week

– That’s 106 hours and 40 minutes a month – a total of 4 days and 4 hours

That is an incredible amount of time watching images and listening to words most of which you would not remember the next week.  Don’t get me wrong I love TV, I love the glamour, I love the stories and narratives, I love the drama and I love to simply veg out and give my mind over to the box and all its simple pleasures.

But sometimes I feel like I use the television to escape my life, to escape from the stress and exhaustion I feel at the end of some days, to avoid having to communicate with my friends, family and my husband.   And I have  wonder if shutting down my feelings instead of being with them is storing them up rather than clearing them out.

So far this is my plan – exercise more, eat dinner at the table (yikes actually paying attention to what I am eating), do yoga and meditation at night, talk more, read and maybe even go to bed early….

What about you – what could you do with an extra 4 days and 4 hours in January – or have you got something else delicious planned for your happiness program….leave a comment and let us know.

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6 Responses to 2011 Happiness Program – Step 1 – Going Real Life

  1. Jade says:

    Hi Tanya, Glad to see you are disconnecting to The Box and I love what you wrote on carzysexylife.com. The humor here will carry you far. I hope you become this creativity and freedom you are concentrating on. I too unplugged over the holiday and found vast source. Cheers! The Vampires and Highly paid call girls will always be there for amusement vs. obsession. May they fuel the desire with your husband;-)

    • tdemello says:

      Hi Jade – thanks for the support! I have had my first TV free night and I loved it – did yoga, wrote my journal and finished my book. What are your resolutions for the year? By the way I checked out your blog very sassy! As a fire horse myself I can relate to not being over girlie. I only just discovered at 32 that you are supposed to wash your hair with special shampoo/conditioner if you colour it! Cheers t

  2. Lauren M says:

    I’m not interested in cutting out TV at this time, though I have wanted to in the past. At times I’ve felt addicted to it. I feel I have a good balance with it now. I don’t let it “run my life.” During the work week I watch shows on Hulu.com the day after they’ve aired and I watch them early enough that I get to bed early. If I’m tired, I know my shows will wait and I skip them. I used to stay up watching shows that I wanted to see on cable, but now I watch them only when and if I want to.

    • tdemello says:

      Hi Lauren – congratulations on taming the beast you are a true warrior. You can join the campaign in any way – got any resolutions you want to try out for a month? cheers t

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