I Am Bigger Than Infertility

Photo courtesy of Emily Jane Photography

I just read a rather disturbing quote over at crazysexylife.com which really made me stop and sit up, the basis of the quote is that whatever you focus on is what you become and since I have spent a lot of time focusing on infertility I began to panic!

“God, Goddess, Koan, mantra, anger, fear, hope, faith … I become that on which I’m concentrating.” Genpo Roshi

So for this post I have decided to take a step back and review all the other things I did  last year which show me that I am much more than infertility…..This was inspired by the lovely Gala Darling over at galadarling.com.

Where I went….

I roamed Paris in the snow, visited good friends in Pisa and danced the night away at a wedding in London – our grand European tour. Went on a whale watching – girls only tour to Eden, perched on the very edge of the cliff in a haunted light house keepers house.  A sumptuous Melbourne adventure where I ate, played, spa’d and shopped with my hunky husband.

What I did….

Completed my Children’s book Penny and sent her out into the world…my baby of sorts.  Launched FertileLife after almost a year of deliberation.  Started a wonderful new job which I love.  Set up our first ever Christmas tree – spent a small fortune on decorations but it was worth it. Completed the Right Brain Business Plan course and made some great connections and met a wonderful a mentor. My plan is even going to be featured in the author Jennifer Lee’s book of the same title.

Most loved Television and Movies…..

Was addicted to Diaries of a Call Girl, and swooned over Vampire Dairies (what – everyone needs a little sugary eye candy).  Kept up with my ongoing love of West Wing.  Was devastated by the 4th season of Dexter and am only now going back for more. Weeds – bad but so good at the same time.

Most loved books….

Fiction: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Harry Potter (1-7) by JK Rowling got a re-read in prep for the 7th movie.

Non Fiction: Blink and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell, Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser, Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert, Waiting for Daisy by PeggyOrenstein, A New Earth by Eckhardt Tolle

Most loved Podcasts….

This American Life, Oprah’s Soul Series, Journaling for a Better Life (all free and available through iTunes)

Best things I did for myself….

Going on antidepressants, turning my infertility into a spiritual adventure, seeing an art therapist, juicing and more raw food into my diet, acupuncture and going to the gym regularly

Things I am continually grateful for….

My heart-throb of a husband, my beautiful coastal home – the sea breeze refreshes my soul, our veggie patch which is fruiting tomatoes like nobodies business, my wonderful friends and family who wrap me up in love, my writing which is my salvation, books of all varieties without which I would be totally lost, the new healing practises I am discovering everyday. To be blessed with the birth of four little miracles, Beatrix, Hugh, Samuel and Cleo in that order.

I would love to hear from you – what did you do this year that you feel proud of, happy about and joyful to report…

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