Sumptuous Sunday: The Negative/Positive Thought Movie

Photo courtesy of Babi

This week I am referring the amazing work of Steve Pavlina for the Sunday mind feast – what I call the ‘The Negative/Positive Thought Movie – but that Steve has titled ‘How to Squash Negative Thoughts’.  This is an easy five step process that is most effective if you repeat it constantly.  I have been road testing it and it really works – if you follow the golden rule – use the technique and use it often.  So here goes;

Step 1 – Convert Your Negative Thought Into An Image

My persistent negative thought is that I am never going to get pregnant.  So for my image I saw my self in a doctor’s waiting room filled with pregnant women and children with me there alone and definitely not pregnant.  As my name is called all the women and children point at me and say ‘ha..ha’.

The point of this mental image is that it is meant to be something striking, quick and kind of funny – you want to reduce the mental image to its core tenants.  For me the core fears I have are described in this picture, I am not pregnant, everyone else around me is pregnant, and I feel alone, left out and ridiculed.

Step 2 – Choose A Replacement Or Opposite Thought

Obviously for me the thought is not just I will get pregnant, but I am pregnant!                    The replacement thought should be short, effective and powerful.

Step 3 – Turn Your Positive Replacement Thought Into A Visual Image

It’s best to use the same scene and characters that are in your negative image so that they can connect – you will understand this in the next step.  So for me I imagine myself in the waiting room but this time I have a huge pregnant belly and all the women are fussing and cooing over me and the children are clinging to me adoringly.  I am definitely part of the click and am feeling the love.  I even imagine myself wearing the exact same dress.

Step 4 – Now Link The Two Images Together With An In-Between Image

So I basically took my first image which was me in the doctor’s office alone, isolated and not pregnant and linked it with the positive image of me being pregnant.  My link image was the receptionist answering a big red phone (like from the original Batman) and dramatically announcing to the room that I was pregnant.  Steve explains that just gluing the positive and negative images together is not enough – you actually need to make a link between the two to start changing the negative thought into a positive one.

Step 5 – Test It Out And Change It Up Until It Works

The idea of this exercise is to simplify your movie until you get it down to a few seconds and to repeat, repeat and repeat.  What will eventually begin to happen is that when you have the negative thought it will trigger your first image which will then trigger the follow on positive image – all without you having to do anything.  Every time I play my movie now I get the biggest smile on my face – and if nothing else that smile is worth it.  If you’re not finding it effective switch up your images – play with the scenes. Have fun with it – you are not trying to solve world peace you are just trying to make yourself feel good.

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