2011 Happiness Program – Step 1 – Check Off

Photo courtesy of Murdo.mcd

My 31 days of no TV have officially come to a close – and I have to say I could not have started the year off on a better note. I stuck to my vow like an aspiring novice Nun – only breaking it briefly to get updates on the terrible flood situation in Queensland, Australia. For the past month I have felt like my life has been light, spacious and fresh.  Normally I would be shovelling food into my mouth while zoning myself out to the point of sedation – going to bed thoroughly exhausted by the occupation that was supposed to be relaxing me.   Now days I leisurely enjoy dinner at the table, get myself organised and inspired for the next day, meditate and then lose myself in a book before going to bed nice and early.

After 31 days I don’t feel the need to go back to television at all and don’t intend to at least for another month.  Having said all this I did miss curling up on the cough with my love, watching a DVD and munching on some freshly popped corn.  So DVD’s will be allowed back into my routine although sparingly.

I honestly can not believe the impact that changing one habit has made to my life….however despite the glowing success of step 1, I am quaking in my boots about step 2, tune in tomorrow for the big reveal.

I hope all your resolutions are unfolding as you want them to…and remember it’s not too late to enlist – resolutions don’t have to be just for the beginning of the year!

The 12 Step Happiness Program is my plot to tackle 1 resolution for 1 month for the rest of this year.
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