Sumptous Sunday: STOP Negative Thoughts

Photo courtesy of Shane Rounce

This week’s mind meal comes from the Ririan Project and cleverly uses the word STOP as a easy guideline to kick those negative thoughts in the butt.

Pre-conception come with a lot of repetitive thinking and I found this technique really good to just STOP the loop as the name suggests.

I am on the Two Week Wait at the moment – its a natural cycle and we mistimed the bedroom action due to some problems at work – but my mind keeps going back to same thought. “Could I still be pregnant by some miracle” – although this appears to be a hopeful thought I find its really not.  It’s kind of like thinking ‘I know I missed the major essay section of the exam but do you think there’s still a chance I passed.’  Its really a negative thought dressed like a positive one.  So here’s my routine when I have this thought;

1. S – STOP

I firmly tell myself to STOP loudly and clearly to not only stem the thought but kill it dead in its tracks


Then I quickly change my focus to something else – the thing that give me most pleasure – reading.  I pick up whatever book I am reading at the moment and read just a page or a couple of pages depending on how deep into the thought I am.  But you could go out into garden, do a little walk, watch a bit of TV or a movie, knit – anything that distracts you.

3. O – Outcome

Once the thought has been stemmed, remind yourself simply and gently what your overall goal is.  My overall goal is to improve my physical and mental health and focus on being happy in the moment.  I have told myself if I do this getting pregnant will take care of itself.

4. P – Praise yourself

Praise yourself for the progress that you have made with stemming, stopping and eliminating your negative thoughts.  I would also add to this Praise yourself for how far you have come in your pre-fertility journey.  This is hard work and anyone who maintains their hope, humour and sanity is doing extraordinary well.

“Research shows that people who receive positive distractions for just eight minutes show a remarkable change in their moods and in breaking the cycle of repetitive thought.” Ririan Project

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