Part 1: Ways to Revel, Relish and Recharge During The 2 Week Wait

Photo courtesy of HaoJan

The two week wait – that most hated of spaces in my world – 2 weeks sucked into the vortex of checking my body for ghostly symptoms – of playing a never ending track of ‘I could be pregnant – I’m not pregnant – I could be pregnant’ – and generally waiting….waiting and more waiting.

No more I say! –  this year I will not lose 6 months – 26 weeks – 182 and 1/2 days waiting  – I will instead make something of this time – take on a project – change my point of view – recharge – send out love and give my mind and body the rest it needs.

And so I give you Part 1 of –  Ways to Revel, Relish and Recharge During the 2 Week Wait


Read about the world

Photo courtest of Jason Hudson

What better way to take your mind off yourself than to focus it outwardly on the world and find out what is happening in it. Get into a blog, newspaper or magazine and read them from start to finish.

You might like to try Vanity Fair, The Huffington Post, Sydney Morning Herald, The New York Times or any local publication that you have been interested in but haven’t had the time to look at.  The library is a great place to start they usually have every paper and magazine under the sun and its all free!


Catch up with friends long distance

Photo courtesy of HaoJan

Jump onto RESOLVE, launch into Facebook, get on email, or get out the address book and prepare some snail mail.  Catch up with people you rarely contact, find old school friends, send your girlfriends a long email chewing the fat and spreading a little love. Basically reach out and touch somebody – preferably in a way that won’t get you arrested.


Tackle a clean up project

Photo courtesy of Chotda

Is the pantry so full you could feed the audience of a Bon Jovi concert, is the laundry so crowded with junk your not sure where the washing machine went, garage swamped by things you swore in 1986 would come in handy one day? Now is as good a time as any to clean up, organise and pretty up that space where the doors always remain closed should a visitor arrive and be swallowed into the mass.  Obviously leave the heavy lifting to the dear husband and take it slow you have a 14 full days to tame the beast.


Become a master chef

Photo courtesy of Neil Kronberg

If your anything like me you probably have a huge stack of cookbooks that you loved in the shop but were lost in translation in the kitchen.  Be inspired by blogger Julie Powell and cook out of your favourite unused cook book for next 14 days.  Food after all is comfort from the heavens, your soul with be nourished and husband overjoyed.


Marvel at the world

Photo courtesy of jjay69

According to research a 30 minute walk everyday can change your life, reducing your stress and having many benefits for your lungs, your weight and your general well being.  Sick of the same route – take your mind to a new place – listen to some music – download a pod cast or form a posse of walking buddies. Get creative and take some photo’s – you will start to see the world in a whole new way.

Tune in next month for Part 2…….

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