Sumptuous Sunday – The Ties That Bind

Photo courtesy of Dawn Peterson

This week’s mind feast is from Julia Indichova’s wonderful book The Fertile Female. It is a technique that uses imagery to cut the binds that keep us trapped and wound us.

It’s best to find yourself a quiet place where you won’t interrupted to do this, first thing before you wake up or last thing before your go to bed is recommended.

1. Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths

2. Once you are relaxed and calm start to breathe out of your mouth and in through your nose. Indichova says this sends a signal to your brain that you are changing things up and lays a foundation for the exercise.

3. Next imagine a women bound up with many tight ropes or cords. I always see myself naked in a dark cell heavily bound with ropes. She advises seeing a sign that reads “If I don’t get pregnant biologically then…..(add your own consequences). Personally I don’t see this because I am not sure that it’s just the pressure of not getting pregnant that has me bound up.

4. Now see yourself in the image. I see another me – a calm regal me dressed in white with my hair flowing down.

5. Imagine yourself taking a big pair of golden scissors out of your bag and cutting the ropes that bind the women. I always imagine myself saying comforting words to my bound self.

6. Once the ropes are cut take a bottle of healing salve from your bag and rub it over the wounds the ropes have caused. I particularly see lots of wounds around my hips and lower back.

7. Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

This imagery is an exercise in freeing yourself from whatever pressures are limiting you and holding you hostage and a chance to love and nurture yourself.  I have been doing this every morning and night for a week and sometimes the images just take off and staring doing things I don’t expect but I have been allowing it take me where it will.

I hope you enjoy a delicious serving of self-love this week….

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