Sumptous Sunday – Sending It Into The Light

Photo courtesy of Snowy****

This weeks delicious mind feast comes from the phenomenal Kris Carr.  Sending it into the light is a technique that she picked up to forgive, show gratitude and let go of things that are not serving her in her life any more.  I have been practising this technique with a particularly difficult person/situation at work and it is paying dividends daily.

It’s a simple 4 step process, but I have added a little twist.  I do this last thing before I fall asleep along with my imagery work from The Fertile Female.  I lay on my back with my legs folded open and bent so the soles of my feet touch.  I then put my hands on whatever Chakra I believe the problem relates to and close my eyes.  After taking a few deep breaths I dive in.

Step 1 – Think of the situation/person/feeling/illness (whatever) you want to let go of

Step 2 – Truly forgive it – express what you are forgiving in a loving and heartfelt way

Step 3 – Sincerely thank it for whatever it has brought into your life. No mater how dark the situation there is always a nugget of gold

Step 4 – Imagine a bright light and see whatever you are letting go of travelling towards the light – I always repeat the words, I forgive and thank you and I am letting you go into the light

This is such a freeing technique and I find I always fall asleep with this warm, light feeling. Enjoy feasting.

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