2011 Happiness Program – Step 2 – Check Out

Photo courtesy of Troy Ratcliff

Today is the last day of Step 2 and my tired little eyes are truly celebrating.  There are early risers and night owls and I am neither – is there a title for such a person besides sloth?  I love to sleep..there is nothing more to it.  I have battled, struggled and yawned through this months resolution.  Although the mind was very willing the body really was weak and I fell off the wagon several times.  I found that I was fine on the days when I had somewhere to go like work or appointments, but not so good on my writing days or on the weekends.   In my defence one of my falls was due to an alarm malfunction and the other were days when I was sick.  Still I felt my faith faltering and wished on more than one occasion that this was not a task I had set myself.

I have continued faithfully with my TV purge and find myself wondering how I spent so many hours in front of the box, however I can’t see the 6am rise being a solid part of my life.  I am hoping without the pressure of having to commit perhaps my body and mind will feel more inclined to rise naturally.  So with this I am not so gracefully bowing out of Step 2.

Stay tuned tomorrow for Step 3 – something I have been wanting to do for years….

The 12 Step Happiness Program is my plot to tackle one resolution for one month for the whole of 2011

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