Sumptuous Sundays: Talking To Your Higher Self

Photo courtesy of Moriza

This week’s fresh, delicious recipe comes from the amazing Steve Pavlina – it’s a technique he describes in a post about making decisions without all the noise of outside voices and influences.  Pre-fertility brings with it a lot of choices – big choices like doctors, treatment options and drug protocols and little choices like should you have that second drink during your two-week wait.  This exercise may just help you with the little and the big ones.  As always I have added my own touches. The exercise involves having a conversation with your higher self. Now you might be a little confused by the concept of higher self – but at its most basic this is your best self.

Talking To Your Higher Self

Step 1 – Lay down somewhere quiet where you won’t be interrupted and take a few deep breaths and relax.

Step 2 – Imagine yourself in your favourite cosy room –  it might be a little nook from your grandma’s house – that made you feel blissful or the sitting room of Marie Antoinette.  I imagine the sunroom of a beautiful bed and breakfast G and I visited.  Wherever it is it will need to have two comfortable chairs facing each other.

Step 3 – See yourself sitting in one of the chairs and as you relax more deeply imagine your higher self coming into the room and sitting opposite you.  Amazingly my higher self walked in larger than life, she seemed to be super model tall, utterly confident and radiant.

Step 4 – Talk to your higher self and ask yourself anything you want to know.  I guarantee you will be stunned by your own answers.

Enjoy feasting, this after all might be the most fantastic conversation you have ever had.

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