DVD Review: Kundalini Yoga with Maya Fiennes

For the past month I have introduced a new Yoga DVD into my rotation with great success – Kundalini Yoga to detox and de-stress by Maya Fiennes.  I absolutely love this DVD and so look forward to doing it, I even have to pace myself so I don’t do it everyday.  Kundalini  is a form of Yoga that aims to raise your awareness and awaken the Kundalini energy which is a dormant energy source at the base of your spine.  When it is mastered the energy travels up through your Chakra’s and out of your body to connect with the greater divine.  If all that sounds a bit heavy the DVD is anything but.

Maya Fiennes leads an hour-long practise that focuses on detoxing and de-stressing and works with a series of poses that contract and then release so the feeling of being relaxed and experiencing the energy in your body is immediate.  As with all exercise video’s my greatest fear is that I will be hopelessly lost and twisted into positions that I dare not even dream of, but no need to worry here the pace is perfect if not peaceful.  The setting is simple and yet beautiful to look at and Maya herself is utterly charming.  She is Macedonian and has a lovely little accent which I find very soothing.

One of the things that attracted me to this Yoga DVD is that it incorporates chanting into the practise – however, I have to be honest the chanting is minimal.  But this is more than made up for by the beautiful music that accompanies the whole the DVD, multi-talented Maya is also a musician and has written and performed all the tracks on the DVD.  The music really helps invigorate the practise and its one of my favourite aspects.

Most of the postures are on the mat and so I tend to do this DVD when I am feeling a bit tired or not feeling like pushing myself too hard – that is probably one of the reasons I want to do it everyday.  She has a whole series which I am really looking forward to exploring so look out for more reviews in the future.

If you want to find our more about Kundalini Yoga I found this site very helpful.

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