Overcoming Infertility Depression: Mindfulness Check in

Photo courtesy of Tanyad

Mindfulness has been like a shadow following me everywhere I go, the funny thing is that it often catches me not being mindful, lost in my world of thoughts, wishing the present away and resentful of some situation or another.   John Kabat-Zinn would say that realising that you are not being mindful is actually a form of being mindful.  Any short break where you can distance yourself from your thoughts and be an observer to them is a moment of being mindful.

I have to admit I have seriously fallen off the Mindfulness horse and feel like I need a refresher to bring it to the centre of my attention.  I am happily back to doing the body scan on a regular basis but have been dropping off to sleep more times that I care to admit so lately I have been doing the scan with my eyes open.  At first I couldn’t access parts of my body while staring at the ceiling but I the last couple of meditations I actually felt a lot more tuned in than I do with my eyes closed.

I am also ready to start incorporating Mindfulness mini-breaks as I call them into my work life. I find myself much more mindful and present at home but at work the blur of activity, phone calls, meetings and general stress leave me totally depleted by the end of the day.  So three times a day for just 1 minute I am going to stop and focus on my breath.  That is 3 pure minutes of calm – a concentrated hit of getting back to my centre.



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