Sumptuous Sundays: The Power Of The Nap

Photo courtesy of Ann Gordon


This week I feel like energy is coming in through my head and then just draining right through my toes.  I want to nap curled up in cool white sheets, lulled by the sound of the ocean and blissfully distant from the busy din of my life.

So what follows are 10 good reasons for you and I to turn in for a short afternoon siesta     15 – 30 minutes is ideal.

1. Napping lowers your stress hormones

2. Boosts your creativity and productivity

3. Prevents sleepiness later in the day (especially important if you are driving)

4. Napping can help curb snacking and over eating

5. Gives you a burst of physical and mental energy

6. Gives your immune system a boost

7. Allows you a fresh start if you are in a cranky mood or your day has been thrown off routine

8. Improves your memory

9. Motivates you to exercise (tiredness is the most common excuse for not exercising)

10. Allows your eyes a much needed rest from your computer screen

So get mind feasting with a nap and if you are feeling that this is a bit lazy – make a power nap.



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