2011 Happiness Program – Step 3 – Check In


Photo courtesy of Alice Popkorn

You would think that sitting still for 30 minutes every day would be a walk in the park – but it’s really not.  I find myself avoiding, making excuses and generally being not that committed to my plan to meditate everyday.  I would say that I get to it about 4 days out of 7.  The issue as always is time and lately my days seem to be flying by quicker than I can imagine, exactly the sort of days when sitting down to meditate is most important.

However the benefit is that I think about meditation a whole lot more and every time I do, I seem to focus in on exactly what I am doing at that moment.  Eckhardt Tolle says that every breath we are present for is a meditation in and of itself.  At random moments I focus in on the sounds around me (right now its classical music, the soft nuzzle of rain, and the distant tweet of a bird), the sights around me (the gentle swish of the lace curtain caught in the breeze) or the sensations in my body (the sweet after taste of chocolate cake lingering in my mouth).

Since I find these tiny moments so beautiful and special perhaps the trick for me is to break up my meditations into smaller blocks throughout the day.  Five minutes to awaken and drink in the energy of the sun in the morning, a few minutes during the day to check in with my body, and ten minutes at the end of the day repeating my favourite mantra (right now it is; I am perfect, whole and complete) and focus on my breathing.


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