A Tale of Two Cities and a 300KM Walk

Photo courtesy of twiga269 ॐ FreeTIBET

The house sitter has been shown the ropes, work has wound down, our backpacks are overflowing and G and I are off for a month-long holiday to India and Nepal.  This is a gala celebration of G’s 40th birthday and a chance for me to visit my family.   Our first stop the darling of the south – Chennai, India where I was born and where my 92 year grandmother is eager to see me (possibly for the last time).  Then we sail onto Kathmandu, Nepal to trek the Annapurna Circuit a magnificent 300km walk over 21 glorious days. We finish in delightful New Delhi for a few blissful days of showering, shopping and eating at my favourite hole in the wall Kareem’s.

As well as little access to showers, mobile reception and the chaos of the world in general – alas I will also have little to no access to the internet.  Not to worry I have lined up some tasty treats and interesting tid bits to keep you amused and informed while I am away. So keep visiting and feeding that fertile mind of yours.

I am relishing a break away from my normal life, a challenge like nothing I have ever faced before – but also a chance to take a good long break from blogging so I can refresh my perspective and come back to roll out some exciting new articles and projects I have been working on in the lab.

With that I bid you adieu….

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