Free Friday: The Mad Hatters Tea Party

Photo courtesy of Brandon Christopher Warren

As you get further up the Himalayas, tea becomes a rare and expensive treat  – so this week I am dreaming of a mad hatters tea party, of frilly frocks, fresh cream piled on spongy cakes and of course hot steaming tea.

Since most of us pre-fertile gals needs to stay away from the highly caffeinated stuff I have listed a recipe below for my favourite mint tea – enjoy. You can also add fresh slices of orange for a little zing.

Moroccan Mint Tea


Gunpowder tea (or any green tea)
Boiling water
Fresh mint (prefer short leaf bunch, with less stem)
Sugar to taste


Place the tea in a tea pot (allow 3 tablespoons for a large tea pot about 5 to 6 glasses). Pour over ½ cup fresh boiling water. Allow the tea to steep (let stand) for 10 seconds only. This will rinse the gun powder tea and allow the leaves to open up. Pour out the water.

Add all the mint and sugar to taste. Pour fresh boiling water onto mix to fill the pot.

Allow the tea to steep for a few minutes. (If you prefer your tea strong, you may bring the full tea pot to boil and let it stand for a couple more minutes)

Pour 3 to 4 cups, but do not stir. Simply pour back into the pot, this allows the mint tea mixture to blend naturally.

From: SBS Food

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