Wicked Wednesdays: Body Love

One of the biggest battles for women is loving and accepting their own bodies, every women I know is ready to roll out a list of things that they don’t like and would change.  However asked by Dodson and Ross (below) to think of just one thing I love about my body and I really had to think about it.  I remember reading an interview with Cindy Crawford years ago and they asked her if there was a part of her body she disliked, she responded that she really didn’t like her feet.  However she went on to say that she felt really bad about this because in effect her feet were perfect – they carried her where ever she needed to go.

Looking at it that way my body is perfect every part of it works, in the light of pre-fertility however you can really start to lose faith in your body for not doing something that is natural and can sometimes feel like everyone around you is doing easily. So today I am going to take time out to really look in the mirror and find something I like and instead of going straight to the bits I don’t like. I vow to give some body love to the bits I do like.

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