Sumptuous Sunday: Sock Draw Therapy

Photo courtesy of Clevercupcakes

Going on holidays is like putting a big stopper on your problems, emotions and general day-to-day life.  However coming back from holidays and taking the stopper off creates a flood of emotions, issues and to do lists.  I find myself crying during commercials and wandering around the house wondering how I ever felt settled in this life.  It’s not helping that I am premenstrual and hoping against hope for a holiday miracle.

After a few days of trying to ‘force’ myself back into my normal life, I have instead given myself a break and focused on small things that I can get in order quickly – such as my sock drawer.  I don’t quite know how it happens but what you pack for holidays never fits back into your wardrobe – suddenly everything seems out-of-order and overflowing.  So I have sorted out my sock draw and with it some of my emotions and fears.

I suppose the joy of holidays is how much they simplify our lives, we live out of one small bag, focus on our pleasures for the day and securing food and accommodation – easy.  Real life with its much expanded wardrobe, work and worries seems overwhelming in contrast. So I started with the sock draw and things seemed a little more wrangled, next its the cutlery draw, then the pantry and when I eventually stop crying about commercials perhaps I will tackle bigger things.

If things are feeling a little out of control for you – try tackling something small – it can make all the difference.

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