Welcome! I’m Tanya and I have started this blog after a 3 year battle with infertility which had left me exhausted, insane and then eventually circled back to inspiration.  During that time I wished for a blog, site, book, tea leaves or any place to go where I could get some space and peace from the madness that is ‘trying’ to get pregnant.

This is site is a soft blanket, a trusted friend and much-needed mentor for women struggling with infertility.  Here you will find treatments, ideas and inspiration for your mind and your soul.  Techniques to release the pressure valve, art therapy exercises when you have reached the point where everything that can be said has been said. Spiritual references and information to give you hope.

This is a place to find peace for your soul, a healing balm for your heart and creative pulse for your blood.

It’s time to enjoy a juicy, abundant, creative, fertile life.

With love